Fantastic interview in EW

Lots more good Hesher and MakingOf tidbits in this new EW article.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What prompted you to become a producer?
NATALIE PORTMAN: I started the production company because I wanted to have the ability to create my own projects and support filmmakers I believe in. Also, I wasn’t always finding the roles I wanted to work on. I’m excited that Hesher is the first thing the company is making. I’ve known Spencer for a really long time. It’s really exciting to not only do something that I believe in artistically but also to work with my close friends. It’s a maturation thing for me too because I started working at 11 years old. I’ve always been the kid working for other people. Now to be peers with the filmmakers I’m working with — and friends with them too — is so much fun. It’s not obeying the authority but being the authority.

How long did it take you to pull this all together?
Spencer had been working on this script for several years and he sent it to me about a year ago. It took quite a while to get it going. It was a classic tale of Murphy’s Law pre-production to get financing and all that. It was really challenging. But it makes it all the sweeter now that we’ve pulled it all together.

For the rest of the interview, including who Charlie was named after, head over here.