Rah Rah Rah blah blah blah

Manolith have a profile tribute to Natalie that is either cringe worthily sincere or very tongue in cheek, but if its the latter that tongue needs to be a bit sharper. Here’s a taste.

Natalie Portman is such a babe that other babes have been known to “give up” just by looking at her. “I can’t be that awesomely hot yet humble”, they say, and then give up acting and modeling for a career as substitute teachers in the Midwest. Natalie is so attractive – in fact – that she may or may not be the dreamiest thing on the planet. Not even the vast expansive ocean nor the African plains at sunset have the sheer brilliance that she does in, per say, any one of her movies.

I run a Natalie Portman fansite and even I find that ridiculously gushing. Yuck.