Match Up 3 + results

By May 4, 2009Site-news

A 20% swing is quite a bit at this stage in the competition. I’m certainly happy with the result.

Damn, this next match up is a tough one for me. Hairy vs baldy.

Third Round Match Up 3


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  • Kate923 says:

    This might be one of those times I cancel out my own vote when I get home 😀

  • papercup_mixmaster says:

    This one was extremely difficult to pick! The purple’s absolutely a favorite dress. But I love the shaved head SO much! I have a feeling the rest of them are going to be like this…

  • Dazza says:

    I went for shaved cos they’re pretty much even for me but the shaved look is a bit more unique.

  • omgzrachel says:

    I think she looks really stunning from the waist up in the Cannes pics, but the bottom is kind of a mess. I still voted for it over Closer because her dress looks like it’s way too big for her and just sort of hangs there… unattractively.

  • robot says:

    Voted for the Closer appearance. At the Cannes one she looked so skeletal, and I dislike that dress.