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Now that Hesher is a reality, I thought we could run the same poll from a few weeks back. We’ve now heard Natalie and Gordon-Levitt talk about the film. We’ve also seen some of the directors previous work. So, I’m curious to see if opinions have changed much.

Hesher poll #2

We also have the results of the previous poll. Only 6% of you aren’t impressed with MakingOf at all.

Now that MakingOf is live, what do you make of it?

I think it has a lot of potential. 44.26% (81 votes)

I think its fantastic. A great idea. 32.79% (60 votes)

I’m a bit skeptical. 10.38% (19 votes)

I don’t care about film making but the Nat vids were nice. 6.01% (11 votes)

I’m not impressed at all. 6.01% (11 votes)


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