Wasn’t Nat attending that special screening last night? We need some pics, dammit! But instead, a couple more mini news items.

– Actor (I assume, I’ve never heard of him) Alex Pettyfer name dropped Nat in this interview.

I might be doing a film called Beastly, it’s an Alex Flinn book and it’d be with Vanessa Hudgens. She’s really talented. She’s yet to prove herself so far because she’s only been in musicals but she’s got the film Bandslam which is about to come out, and Sucker Punch and now she’s got Beastly too, which is cool. Will I be tempted to steal her off Zac? No! she’s a beautiful girl but I wouldn’t steal her off her boyfriend! My kind of girl… maybe Natalie Portman, or Winona Ryder.

– It seems Natalie might have attended this Hard Rock Cafe hosting fundraiser for a Rwandan village.

I think Natalie Portman may have been there too (she’s on the board of the organization) but I didn’t see her.