Nat’s New House Is Bigger Than Yours

By May 12, 2009Nat-news

But its technically only a “mini” estate. Hah! Then again, who am I to judge? The only time I have the word “mini” associated with myself its when discussing my genitals.

Did I really just type that? MOVING ALONG OH LOOK A HOUSE!

The 4,866 square foot property was snapped up for a cool 3 and a quarter million and has 4 bedrooms. Some of the rooms look really gorgeous (I would live in the lounge) but others are, as Spoonbat put it on the forum, “like a ****ing museum”.

The home is, of course, in LA and you can find out more about the sale here and here.


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  • Kate923 says:

    *falls over dead*
    I want it……
    It’s like…it’s like somewhere Elizabeth Bennet would live! AH!

  • Dazza says:

    See that plant next to the tree? I MIGHT be able to afford that.

  • silversurfer says:

    haha,me too …
    probably not even that lol

  • pumpkin405 says:

    Having seen the inside… I actually prefer my own home. I mean, I love the exterior, but on inside this place is… fug. I’m sorry.

    Still, I’m sure the increased privacy is a perk. 🙂

  • Kate923 says:

    Hahaha! Seriously. But it’s so perfect. It’s exactly what I want – old fashioned, sophisticated, that Victorian style living room with the reading corner by the windows! And the indoor/outdoor walkway. Guh.

  • omgzrachel says:

    ia, pumpkin. The exterior is nice but the interior? No thank you.

  • Kate923 says:

    You people are crazy, it’s perfect haha!

  • Agie says:

    So, Natalie when I will get a housewarming party invitation?

  • Jenski says:

    Oh my god. I’ve always wanted a house with that exterior. And 4 bedrooms!

    Who cares if the interior is crappy, you can always redo it.

  • jesslv74 says:

    It’s nice, but not very cozy or “homey.” But as Jenski said, you can always redecorate. Love the kitchen though and the…is it the living room or the family room that has couches, TV, etc? Anyway, like that room too. Some of it is too fancy for my taste though.

  • InNatsthrall says:

    I like that house…Nat has exceptional taste in Real Estate. (wish this taste extended into clothing : P)