So She Was In India Afterall

A week ago we reported about a blogger sighting of Natalie in India. Considering she had just done the whole Tribeca thing and was definitely back stateside, it seemed a bit hard to believe that she’d squeezed in a trip to India in that time. Well, if this is correct, squeeze she did.

…on the flight from Delhi to Newark…Natalie Portman was on it, also in business class, so I could see her from where I was sitting! Had they not dimmed the lights for most of the flight, making it impossible to see, I probably would have spent all 15 hours of flight time staring. I guess I should be grateful since the darkness gave me a chance to watch excellent cinema like Vince Vaughn’s Four Christmases and Baz Luhrmann’s Australia (Note: AVOID). Not that I’m keeping track, but Natalie did NOT turn off her electronic devices at the appropriate times.