New Poll + Nat vs Mom Results

By May 13, 2009Site-news

I thought that Natalie’s purchasing of a new home, and the varying opinions of that home, would make for a good new poll.


We also have the results of the poll about Natalie’s White House Dinner outfit (and her moms Oscar outfit, which are one and the same). Aside from the winning option, the rest was incredibly even across the board.

Who wore it better?

Natalie – looking great 35.1% (73 votes)

Natalie – but I don’t love the look 18.75% (39 votes)

Natalie’s mom – looking great 17.31% (36 votes)

Natalie’s mom – but I don’t love the look 15.38% (32 votes)

A tie 12.5% (26 votes)


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