NYILY Preview

Paste Magazine has some confirmation that NY, I Love You will be hitting screens on October 16.

The love is finally coming to the United States, but more specifically, New York. Vivendi Entertainment will release the short-film anthology, New York, I Love You, on Oct. 16.

The follow up to Paris, je t’aime and another installment in the Cities of Love series is set within New York City’s five boroughs and features films by Jian Wen, Mira Nair, Brett Ratner, Allen Hughes, Shekhar Khapur, Natalie Portman, Fatih Akin, Joshua Marston and Randy Balsmyer, as well as appearances from many others. Natalie Portman’s directorial debut led her to launching her own website, MakingOf.com, to share with other film fans what goes on behind the cameras.

The film was originally supposed to premiere in February, but was delayed for unknown reasons. Future I Love You film installments have been planned for Shanghai, Rio de Jainero, Berlin and Jerusalem.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the teaser trailer.