Ok, we’ve had some more donations coming in. If the draw for the next fan np.comic was to happen today (it won’t, the next strip is still days away from being ready) then Joe, John and Maurice would each have one name in the hat while Stephen’s $20 donation means he has 4 chances of winning.

I’ve spoken about Stephen’s greatness before and in retrospect his greatness is even more great than I initially thought. John is also a fine specimen of a human being, while Joe not early has a huge heart but also huge genitals. Finally, Maurice is a real ladies man and if Natalie were ever to meet him, she would say “Maurice, you are a real ladies man.”

To join the list of greatness and have the chance to create your own np.comic, simply donate using the link below. For every $5 your name goes into the draw once.

If you can’t or won’t (*sob*) donate then consider purchasing dear old dad a gift for Fathers Day. Navigate to whatever you want for him (or for yourself) using the link below and it will count as a referral.

Things are incredibly tough at the moment and we’re definitely struggling to keep our heads above water here. So any help is great appreciated.