Natalie Film Fest

So, did anyone attend that first ever Natalie Portman Film Festival yesterday? Paste Magazine had a little reminder about the event, which included a bit of commentary about the films playing.

It might be more of a film program than an actual festival, but the Natalie Portman Filmfest scheduled for today in Ann Arbor, Mich., actually offers a fairly representative snapshot of the actress’ career.

Although the three movies scheduled—The Professional, The Other Boleyn Girl and V for Vendetta—are not necessarily considered her best work, they do capture her at major points in her career. The Professional, from 1994, is her breakout film, and V for Vendetta arrived at the height of her post-collegiate return to major-budget Hollywood filmmaking. The Other Boleyn Girl didn’t find much traction with critics or audiences, but it reflects the kind of movie star Portman has become: casually selective without particular regard for the commercial imperatives of most young actresses.