Vanity Fair on MakingOf

Vanity Fair has a new article up about MakingOf’s community launch.

Having Portman as the face of the site allows filmmakers to let their guards down and speak candidly. Trolling through the site, one finds handfuls of eyebrow-raising tidbits—Darren Aronofsky admitting that Ellen Burstyn wasn’t his first choice for Requiem for a Dream, for example, and that the actors he wants regularly turn him down. Or Jim Sheridan telling Portman to her face that she, to some extent, and Jake Gyllenhaal, to a much greater extent, are reluctant to shoot scenes in which they don’t come off as “cool.”

It may be the middle of the first semester, but it’s never too late to start studying.

That actually was quite a surprising moment. 😀