50 Greatest Trailers Of All Time

IFC have put together a list of 50 trailers that they think are the very best that the industry has ever produced. Natalie not only has a film mentioned but has one mentioned very high up the list.

“Garden State” never managed the darkness and gravity that could have made it as memorable as “The Graduate,” a film with which writer/director/star Zach Braff would no doubt like his to be associated. But the Frou Frou-scored teaser encapsulates all of that wonderful promise of generation-summing angst, and without a word of dialog. The airplane scene intro, the funeral, the daisy chain of children crossing the street — the moody, wistful collage of images and the crowded nightmare of the modern medicated world are a jumble around Braff’s Andrew Largeman, who’s too numbed to notice. The secret to the teaser’s hypnotic quality is that it’s cut particularly well to the song’s beats, with gestures and edits aligning with rhythms and Imogen Heap’s drawn-out note before the chorus perfectly paired with that primal scream pullback over the rainy quarry.

Yeah, I had actually forgotten how good that teaser was at the time. It had been awhile since Natalie had been in anything worth shouting about and not much was expected of this little film from the guy who stars in Scrubs. But the trailer really got me, and most of Natalie’s fans, excited…and I’m not just talking about the pool shot.