More Google

Got a few more things relating to yesterday’s update about Natalie and Google. I pretty much hate Twitter, but I have to admit that its pretty handy for hearing about events like the one at Google, or even just random Natalie sightings.

Here are some unedited tweets from the event.

-Natalie Portman @ Google! She is sooooooo cute

-natalie portman was at google today… when asked to rap, she first made sure there weren’t any kids and then quote lil kim, her “fav”

-omg Natalie Portman was @ TGIF asked why Sergey was barefoot on stage LOL definitely 1 of my best moments in Goog on par w/ Obama’s visit

-Natalie Portman showed up at Google today. Apparently she hates emoticons.

-Just saw Natalie Portman talk about her new site she was hilariously awkward (and high?)

After the jump, a couple new pics.

Wow, maybe she was high 😉