Best of the 64

The Brothers trailer is finally out, but news is still scanty at best, so it’s time for opinion pieces. The people have already spoken, but this weekend Dazza and I will be selecting our top 10 favorites out of the 64 red carpet appearances nominated for the pic battle. Here’s my personal favorites, in order of appearance (too indecisive to actually do any ranking):

57th Golden Globe Awards (2000)
Natalie herself described her Calvin Klein gown as boring, but this appearance is an old favorite of mine. Hair, makeup and accessories are perfect.

The Children’s Aid Society benefit screening of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones at the Tribeca Film Festival (2002)
Another old favorite. It’s also a big fan favorite in general, so there’s really no explanation needed. (Yes, that’s the lazy way of saying I JUST LIKE IT, OK.)

Americans For the Arts Awards (2002)
The dress itself is nothing special, but red is definitely Natalie’s color and she looks classy as hell. It still boggles my mind that the majority of you guys voted for the crime against fashion she was sporting at the Derek Lam show (frizzy, poof-ball hair and pantyhose with jeans… really?), but I guess there’s no accounting for good taste. 😉

Late Show with David Letterman (2004)
I remain convinced that if the pink Rodarte gown (which I purposely excluded) hadn’t made its late entry, the little red Letterman dress would have sweeped the pic battle.

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang premiere at the Cannes Film Festival (2005)
Natalie’s red carpet debut of her shaved head and she looked stunning. I love the layering on her dress and the fact she didn’t go crazy with accessories to compensate for her lack of hair.

63rd Annual Golden Globes (2006)
One of my all-time favorite appearances. I adore the lacy vintage dress and the pixie cut was a great look.

Paris Je T’aime Yves Saint Laurent New York premiere (2007)
Natalie seems to rarely ever wear form fitting outfits, which is a shame since they’re very flattering on her. Not a huge fan of the chunky shoes, but her hair and makeup are great.

Björk benefit at 7 World Trade Center (2007)
Yes, it’s a sack dress and I’m totally deviating from above, but it actually really works on her. Also, I’m pretty sure I would kill to have Natalie’s legs.

Che premiere at the Cannes Film Festival (2008)
I still can’t decide if I like the whole ruffle dress theme Natalie had going on at Cannes last year, but this was definitely the best of the bunch.

amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS (2008)
Not gonna lie, my first reaction to this dress when I saw it could be summed up as “wut.” But Nat’s “Swan Dress” quickly grew on me and it’s a big favorite now. I love her hairstyle and covet those earrings.