Black Swan To Fly Soon?

Updating while cartwheeling is harder than it looks. Darren Aronofksy has both Black Swan (the ballet thriller with Natalie attached) and Robocop (the remake) lined up and the Hollywood Reporter blog talks about the possible scheduling conflict between the two projects. Thankfully, for us, the film that seems like it might fall away (from Darren at least) is Robocop.

The director is on the verge of a deal that would have him helming passion project “Black Swan” later this year. While a few budget and financing issues on the Natalie Portman-toplined supernatural drama still need be to ironed out, people familiar with the situation say Aronofsky pretty much has indie financing for the pic set, with Fox Searchlight (which of course distribbed his “The Wrestler” last year) monitoring pre-production closely and potentially coming aboard at a later stage.

But a fall start has another potential consequence: it throws into question Aronofsky’s involvement on “Robocop,”

Then, later on in the article, they say…

Aronofsky, known for working slowly and carefully honing projects in development, has not signed on to any other pictures post-“Wrestler,” a fall breakout that grossed $26 million domestically and picked up multiple Oscar noms.

He and his Protozoa Picture have, however, been shopping “Black Swan,” about a woman in the New York City ballet who may or may not be imagining things about an apparent rival. The director would work off a script written by Mark Heyman, a development exec with Protozoa. (Interesting side note: Mike Medavoy’s Phoenix Pictures is both involved with “Robcop” and also is producing “Swan.”)

The dance project has attracted the interest of a number of studios and specialty divisions, though some were also concerned about the budget for a project with prestige elements. Searchlight has been in the pole position to land the project and has been attempting to work out budget issues in recent months.

So, from Your Highness into Black Swan and then into Thor. I’m happy with that. How about you?