Another Watson Link

Nice to see another flattering comparison to Natalie, in another article about Emma Watson.

She’s taking risks with fashion — everything from Chanel to Rodarte — without feeling compelled to prove her maturity by flashing a lot of flesh. In a recent interview, she copped to admiring Natalie Portman’s career, and it’s clear that she’s torn a page out of The Portman Handbook for Being a Movie Star Without Acting Like an Ass: doing schoolwork on Potter breaks, rather than going nuts shedding the Hermione mantle; asserting that she plans to attend college (her rumored choice: Columbia); both wearing panties and getting in and out of cars without inviting us to look at them; and keeping any possible dirty laundry wadded up in her closet’s darkest corner, as opposed to unfurling it on the cover of Star.

Man, you really can get invitations for just about any occasion these days.