Bio Pages

Earlier today aurore2704 left a comment asking when the bio and quote pages would be updated and a week or two ago, Shoe89 asked the same thing on the forum.

The bio is pretty easy. If you think something should be added or removed, simply let me know. I honestly never go to that page because, hell, unless there’s some new revelation Natalie is always going to be born on June 9th. Still, its probably a common page for new fans so I’m totally open to any suggestions as to what should be changed.

The quotes page is in definite need of adjustments though. I can definitely add new important quotes from now on. That’s a piece of cake. But collecting all the quotes since it was last updated…that’s a HUGE mission.
Firstly, we’d need to have an idea of what constitutes an important quote.

Then we’d need to trawl through a ton of articles and interviews to pull out the best ones. And I’m using “we” here cos I definitely am not going to do that solo. I’d rather just remove the page to be honest. But if there are some volunteers, then maybe we can go through the article section in good time.

As for the Natalie Story page, well that’s Jurtze’s baby and I do think its time for an update. It feels like we’re about to enter the next phase in Natalie’s career, so this is definitely the perfect time to end the chapter and start the next one.