Kenneth Branagh Lies To Natalie

Marvel head honcho, Kevin Feige, dropped quite an interesting quote in this new interview.

I hope with our track record that people can see us as a place that makes product that a lot of people will see. And that at the same time there’s a comfort factor that we will not hang them out to dry. There’s a sense of trust there. A trust with the filmmakers we work with, like Jon Favreau, Ken Branagh and Joe Johnston. We bring a sense of quality where they are not going to be just playing two-dimensional characters. Natalie Portman is very much trusting us and Ken Branagh to showcase what a great actress she is, the same actress that we see in her smaller films. We’re trying something that’s never been done before, a new idea of the same character appearing in multiple franchises. And the economic conditions of Hollywood are very different now than they’ve ever been before.

Nice to see that Natalie had some concerns about the character not being strong enough. Hopefully they’ve come up with something substantial for her.