Hottest Young Actresses

Despite the title, this new list is primarily focused on their abilities in front of the camera. The top 10 is actually quite good, despite the odd “huh” moment like the claim that Romola Garai (whom I do like) is one of “cinema’s most sought after actresses”. Uh…right.

Anyway, back on topic…Natalie comes in at number 3 and this is why:

Arguably one of the most talented young actresses in the industry, Natalie Portman blows the competition away with her ability to choose the right roles and to turn down projects that simply doesn’t fit. Her outspoken nature, which is often misconstrued by the media, allows Portman to prove she is not just a pretty actress but that she is independent-minded and not afraid to pursue other endeavors.

I think a lot of fans would disagree with some of those comments (outspoken? makes her sound like Lilly Allen) but a nice mention all the same.