Growing Pains

Rotten Tomatoes have a new list up entitled, Growing Pains: When Child Stars Become Adults. Some of the choices are a little odd (Dakota Fanning is an adult?) but there are the likes of Christian Bale, Jodie Foster and Leo Di Caprio.

And of course, Natalie, who is mentioned first.

A 12-year-old couldn’t ask for a cooler film debut than that of a gun-toting, Lolita-esque muse to a hardened New York hit man. In 1994’s Leon, Natalie Portman gets to swear, smoke, wear hot pants and learn how to take out a target — only Luc Besson would dare get away with it — thus preparing herself for a successful adult career as the muse of a Sith Lord, a terrorist, and Devendra Banhart. But really, Natalie — what the hell was with Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium?