Book Smart

Yup, no more photos. Only films from now on! The previous article was one of ten Variety profile’s on “screenwriters to watch” and incredibly enough, another of the profiles also has a Natalie connection.

Sounds like Natalie is only going to produce this one but who knows.

Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins met as undergrads at Harvard. They went their separate ways after college and just recently reunited to write a spec script, “Book Smart.”

The script is about of two overachieving high school seniors who, after realizing the only thing they haven’t accomplished is having boyfriends, resolve to find boyfriends by the prom.

It was snapped by Fox in February, and Natalie Portman’s shingle, Handsomecharlie Films, has come aboard to produce.

“Sarah and Emily create funny, smart, unselfconsciously strong female characters,” says Portman. “When I read ‘Book Smart,’ it was as though the script we always talk about wanting to find for our company suddenly materialized.”