Rock And Roll

Praise be to Lodovico for finding some new photos. Apparently these were taken in NY on the 29th of last month. Guess she has a bit of a break from filming Your Highness in Ireland. First the pics and then some rather unflattering comments about Natalie from those who attended this Saviours and Sourvein/Children gig at Union Pool.

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Right then, so these photos were found over on this site and some people who attended the concert left some comments.

friend just called me as i was reading this and told me she saw natalie portman at bruar falls yesterday.

yea, that’s her. just for the record, she didn’t actually see the show, she just hung around at union pool. i actually asked her if i could take a quick portrait of her and totally got shut down.. and not in a nice way.

she was a bitch man.

I saw Natalie Portman scrawl “Eat Her Out” on the bathroom wall. here is my Natalie Portman story…I’m taking pictures of my friends on the patio since I haven’t seen them in a while and all of a sudden this little preppy cunt walks over and says stop talking pictures to my face…so I say “What do you care?” she laughs and walks away. Me and my friends are all like wtf! The girls friends keep looking over and their saying stop taking I’m like huh. I knew the girl looked familiar when she said something but it didn’t dawn on me that it was Natalie Portman until afterwards. What the fuck was she doing there. Stay at home next time with your little preppy bitchy friends, you stupid twat! P.S. Garden state sucks and you are plain looking as fuck in real life.

Wow, tell us what you really think 😛

Look, these comments might be exaggerating things…hell, they might even be making parts of it up. But its probably more likely that Natalie just wasn’t in a great mood that night. At least not in a mood to play the celebrity game. It’s very hard to judge situations like that without hearing the other side of the story, which we probably never will.

It’s actually been awhile since we’ve gotten such negative responses from people meeting Natalie. Just last month there were several positive comments from people meeting Natalie at the Oxygen Festival in Ireland.

Natalie seems a really nice woman and the majority of feedback about personal meetings are overwhelmingly positive, but she’s not a robot. From time to time she’s going to have bad days and she’s going to get pissed off and that’s just life.

Here’s hoping some more positive accounts are just around the corner.