Mad Maxine

The internets are abuzz at the news, from his own mouth, that Jeremy Renner (from the awesome Hurt Locker) is testing for the role of Mad Max in the upcoming sequel/remake.

Well filmschoolrejects have put together a list of 6 actors who would be perfect for the role of Mad Max and, bizarrely, Natalie makes the cut.

Didn’t expect that little twist did you? Admit it – Mad Maxine could be a really cool feature. Imagine a short-haired, leather-clad Portman trolling the desert in a Pursuit Special and taking down gang thugs. She’s a great actor, has major charisma, and has publicly threatened to shit on people’s faces and force them to do her dry cleaning. In short, she’s a bad ass. Your concern might be that her body type is a little small for the part – but that didn’t stop Mel Gibson when he made the role famous and only stood at 3-foot-5-inches tall. Little known fact!