Over at the MTV Blog they’re talking about Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming film, Machete, and its epic cast of c list celebrities. They reckon its going to be a lot of fun (it won’t. it’ll be “okay” like all his other films) and come up with some other films with big ensemble casts. One of the films mention is Mars Attacks!, which doesn’t get much love so this is nice to see.

When it comes to ensemble films, “Mars Attacks!” might just be my personal Holy Grail. This movie could very easily boast the alternate title of “Film In Which So Many Celebrities Are Killed By Ruthless Martians, You Lose Count,” because that’s really the whole premise. Things don’t work out so well for Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan and Danny DeVito. And things really don’t work out so well for Jack Nicholson — twice, I might add. And that’s not even mentioning the other stars: Glenn Close, Pam Grier, Lukas Haas, Annette Bening, Jack Black, Michael J. Fox, Natalie Portman, Paul Winfield and — of course — the one and only Jim Brown. In terms of all-out actor slaughter, this Tim Burton-directed movie is the creme de la creme.