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By August 8, 2009Nat-news

I was debating whether to post this or not but the lack of news has forced my hand. You have nobody but yourself to blame, Natalie! ;-P

This is an old draft of the script and has likely changed (for better or worse) in the years since. I haven’t read it myself and probably won’t, but if you’re curious…

…knock yourself out.

Thanks to Harper for that find. Awhile back I set out in search of the script, only to put an end to my journey early because I couldn’t handle trawling through J-Lo sites. You’re a stronger woman than I am…err…that doesn’t sound quite right…


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  • Mockingbird says:

    If it had involced J-Lo sites I would have given up to. Fortunately no trawling through J-Lo sites was necessary as I found it on a script review site.