Bald And Hot

Getback have put together a list of bald celebs and stated whether the look was hot or not. Incredibly, Sinead O Connor was deemed “not hot” (come on now, what guy didn’t want to put their arms around her after seeing the Nothing Compares To You video?) but Natalie received the thumbs up.

Natalie Portman: Hot

Natalie Portman didn’t have any noble reasons for losing her locks, but she did make the sacrifice for her art. She shaved her head to play a terrorist in 2006’s “V for Vendetta.” And while the film got mixed reviews, no one could argue that Natalie wasn’t stunning in all her bald glory. She looked so hot that a Seattle band was inspired to name themselves after her: Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head (or NPSH for those in the know).