There is a guy called, David. David has been around for quite a number of years now. 80% of the time he’s a normal guy. Will contribute in the comments section and draw very little attention to himself. But then, like a Werewolf, he’ll change on a dime and shift into foll on hateful troll mode.

So I ban and forget. And he returns months later and either I don’t realize its the same guy or I do but he’s behaving himself and so I let it slide. Until he freaks out again and once more the cycle begins.

Sometimes he seems very aware. Other times he thinks I’m Natalie. Sometimes he spews hate. Other times he sends in fanart, like he did today (look for that tomorrow).

What has this got to do with anything? (more…)

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Knives Out

In trying to find something newsworthy, I stumbled upon this post about the Booksmarts announcement. It's not very insightful and is very negative, but I was at least entertained. Ugh,…

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Karen, who has contributed some great work in the past and even did the cover for chapter 3 of Mathilda, has returned with one new piece and a colorization of…

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