There is a guy called, David. David has been around for quite a number of years now. 80% of the time he’s a normal guy. Will contribute in the comments section and draw very little attention to himself. But then, like a Werewolf, he’ll change on a dime and shift into foll on hateful troll mode.

So I ban and forget. And he returns months later and either I don’t realize its the same guy or I do but he’s behaving himself and so I let it slide. Until he freaks out again and once more the cycle begins.

Sometimes he seems very aware. Other times he thinks I’m Natalie. Sometimes he spews hate. Other times he sends in fanart, like he did today (look for that tomorrow).

What has this got to do with anything?
Sometimes he donates money to the site. Yup, the troll is the only guy to donate since the last update. I don’t even know how to process that information. What am I meant to say?

What I will say is that his name will be in the hat for the fan draw. 7 times actually. I can promise that the draw will be fair and right now, with very little donations of late, he’s sitting in the front seat.

God help us all.

If you would like to lower the odds of my having to work on a comic with my nemesis, then please use the button above. For every $5 your name will go into the hat once, with the winner getting as much (GOD HELP US!!!) or as little input into the comic as they would like.

On the Amazon front, this week I’m recommending one of my favourite films of the year – Adventureland. This is basically everything I could want from a film. Plenty of heart but filtered through very believable characters. A light comedic touch to balance out some genuinely sad and bitter moments. A world that makes you wish you were a kid again. And Kristen Stewart in a pool.

The pool scene reminded me a lot of the one from Garden State but Adventureland does what GS did and one ups it in pretty much every way. Its one of the rare times I genuinely felt a loss when the credits came up. I didn’t want to leave those characters. I didn’t want their summer to end.

You can order it via the DVD and Bluray links below (it comes out August 25th) or, if you’re insane but still want to support the site, use the links but navigate to whatever you want on Amazon. It’ll still count as a referral for us.

Thanks as always, guys. There’s a little light on the horizon, which I’ll hopefully be able to talk about soon. If it comes off like I hope it will, these weekly desperate pleas should get a lot less desperate and maybe even disappear altogether.