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By August 18, 2009Nat-news

Another celebrity mention, this time from the Damages/Sunshine actress (Okay fine, she was also Dorme in AOTC), but it’s not an ass kicking exercise but a comment about Natalie’s influence in the industry.

Byrne appreciates movies have “changed so much, especially with independent film”.

“Actors like Hugh and I work a lot but by no means are we Natalie Portman or someone like that, who you need these days to get the money for a film like this,” she says.

I’ve always maintained that Natalie has a really strong pull in the industry, at least since her post college resurrection, and we’ve had a few updates like this now that definitely seem to back that up.

I don’t think any fan would suggest that she hasn’t been in a lot of films that didn’t reach their potential in recent years, but I think her work ethic and some good performances in iffy films, keep her stock up.

Maybe less so in the eyes of audiences though.


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  • kwong says:

    Congrats on your new Movie Hersh something. The crush from your lead star seems nice. Give him a chance.

  • Jenski says:

    I have this ridiculous girl-crush on Rose Byrne. Love her. It’s pity she and Nat couldn’t have worked together in a better film than AOTC.

    Actually, I think I’d have preferred her to Mila Kunis for Black Swan.