Want To Chat With Nat?

Grab a baby. Below is a Myspace entry from February, which makes for quite a cute story.

Okay, it was last Saturday and I was with my son, Sasha. We had just finished eating at Bouldin Creek and took a little walk up SOCO. As we walked I noticed two women walking in front of us. The one on the left was walking a little poodle. I didn’t think much of it as we began to pass them. I was holding Sasha in my arms so that he was looking behind me. As we moved in front of these women I heard one of them say “Oh my god, that is the most beautiful baby I ever saw, he’s so cute!”. So I turned around to say thanks and there she was, Natalie Portman! It was her voice I heard adoring Sasha! I introduced myself and Sasha and she said she loved the name Sasha. She also commented on his little baby Chuck Taylors! Sasha was flirting with her the entire time. Someday, when he is older, I’ll tell him that a beautiful starlet (and she is stunning in person) was fawning over him on South Congress! What a day!