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By August 24, 2009Nat-news

Okay, so I’ve been avoiding talking about something on the site. I didn’t want to dip too far into spoiler territory regarding this film, but one piece of news was all over the net.

That news being that the script review of Black Swan mentioned an “aggressive sex scene” between Natalie and Mila’s characters.

However, Mila’s interview seems to cast some doubt as to how different the final version of the script will be.

Totally. Is there a reason for the high level of secrecy with this project?

Kunis: It’s a psychological thriller and so there is a lot of twists and turns, I guess you could say, and I think that Darren Aronofsky who’s directing it is a very…he just did the last rewrite on it and he’s very private about this one rewrite. So I don’t know how anyone could’ve ever gotten it. I have a copy but mine is so watermarked that you would know it came from me. Natalie has a copy and I’m guessing that there are, let’s say, two more out there.

So you just got a recent rewrite?

Kunis: I just got a recent rewrite last weekend.

But then again, she’s also says…

There’s been a lot in the last two weeks about you two having some interesting scenes together.

Kunis: Yes. I’ve heard about this from everybody. I mean, something got out. Here’s what I don’t fully understand and then I’ll answer this question. The script is so under lock and key that I can’t imagine anyone really truly ever getting a hold of it.

That “something got out” makes me think that maybe the scene is still in there. In any case, Aronofsky is a great filmmaker so if it is in the final film I’m sure there will be a very good reason.

Mila also mentions that it will shoot from November till January and that the ballet training is kicking her ass.


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  • Carlotto says:

    I’m pretty sure, even if there something involving both Mila and Natalie, it won’t be a “real” lesbian sex scene, with nudity or lots of moaning…
    Not that I wouldn’t like it, but I don’t think Natalie would do it.

  • thierrry123 says:

    found this on imdb boards:

    The only reason I’m posting this is because I’ve been on plenty of boards before and there are a million threads asking about the script (and plus people have been posting about the script on this board for over a year already)…

    2007 Draft:

    2009 Rewrite:

    Those are two links I found for both drafts. Try not to make the board clogged full of spoilers and such, and remember to support the film — the filmmakers deserve it. [[yes]]

    Can’t wait for this flick.

  • dazza says:

    I thought about mentioning the script link in the update but decided against it. Personally, I don’t care about spoilers for Your Highness or Brothers, but it sounds like the plot is very important to what makes Black Swan work.

    Here’s hoping Aronofsky has changed a lot in his “last weekend” draft and that they’re able to keep it under wraps until the film comes out.

  • downwithbears says:

    I’ve had a thing for Mila Kunis since forever, but my crush has always been based more on her real life personality. She seems like she’s one of the guys. Great sense of humor, pretty much the coolest girlfriend you could ask for. But I’ve never really seen her in a challenging role on screen. I’m interested to see how she’ll do in a movie like this.

    I don’t think I could handle a sex scene between these two. I won’t be able to concentrate on anything else that happens in the movie.

  • huc says:

    anticipating the lesbian scene…….oh yeah like you other guys aren’t thinking about that scene….