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By August 28, 2009Site-news

Aurore sent me a couple new old pics of note earlier today. The first is a much bigger version of a pic from the Vanity Fair party at Cannes. Dig the hair and dress.

Then we’ve got another pic from Cannes. This one was taken by Gilles Jacob, the president of the festival, as the jury deliberates. Or maybe Penn is asking for a date 😉


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  • omgzrachel says:

    Good lord at that bejeweled creation on the left. And I thought Natalie’s dress was the most hideous one at that event. 😡

  • AustenFan says:

    That’s Elsa Pataky!!:) she’s so beautiful!

  • nephi says:

    Please excuse the following rant but have you guys noticed a worrying trend with regard to Natalie Portman’s interviews? I don’t pay attention to other celebs, maybe over-exaggerating but every time she does an interview it seems there’s some controversial comment made by her, like her view on the recession which has not gone down well. I get excited about new articles, interviews etc about her but I’m also filled with trepidation that she’s going to say something that offends again. Also, why are the reports about her time at Harvard almost always uncomplimentary? I realise you do not have the answers to these questions but askin anyway so……erm……yeah…rant over

  • huc says:

    so it IS true!! Natalie broke Sean’s marriage!

  • dazza says:

    I don’t really see how her comment is particularly controversial. She’s just looking at the current situation in an optimistic light. I know lots of people who think this crisis, while tough, is potentially for the best. I think I did more controversial things whilst eating breakfast this morning.

    If anything, I think people feel she’s a bit boring (something I don’t agree with personally)

  • Jenski says:

    The thing I’ve noticed about the Harvard comments is: not a single person who’s made them will ever offer a shred of proff they actually attended Harvard (which when you consider how many papers, forms, sweatshirts, etc., you end up with at the end of college….), and they are always fairly vague about the when and where. They are never the people from her dorm or her classes.

    I think it was Vanity Fair or Vogue that did track down a few classmates to ask them about her. They said they thought she was ‘dumbing down’ in interviews. And that was it.

    Which is why I just roll my eyes when someone comes out with one of those stories.

  • Carlotto says:

    Where did she speak about the recession? I don’t remember it

  • dazza says:

    In the Jake interview.