Does This Constitute An Isabella V Update?

Spoonbat found a juicy nugget within a profile on actor-writer, Tracy Letts. Lett’s is best known for being a playwright, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize, but also adapted his own play into the underrated Bug (Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon).

Letts is currently at work on a screenplay adaptation of a “kind of true-crime story” for Natalie Portman’s production company (which he picked from several work offers because Portman’s people were willing to come and see him in Chicago). He’ll have to deal with the movie version of “August,” once that picks up pace.

The only project that fits that little description, that we know of, is Isabella V. I’m going to try and see if I can get some confirmation on that one way or the other.

UPDATE – Whatever Letts is writing, it is not Isabella V.
If you weren’t around during the breaking of the Isabella V news, you can catch up over here. Really hope this one pans out.

Ashley Judd, Tracy Letts and Natalie have another thing in common. Tracy’s mom wrote Where The Heart Is (the novel, which I assume was a lot better than the script).