Rate V for Vendetta

I couldn’t think of a new poll and the “who should she date” suggestion sounds familiar. But if you like that, give me some suggestions in the comments section and maybe that could be the next poll.

But right now, its time to get voting again. The next film up is V, which I think will get a pretty high score.

Rate V for Vendetta

After the jump are the results of the previous poll, which suggest that Impossible Pursuits will get a mixed to positve reception at TIFF. We’ll find out in a week.

How do you think Love and Other Impossible Pursuits will be received at TIFF?

More good than bad 47.25% (43 votes)

Screw critics and festival goers, I don’t care 17.58% (16 votes)

One of the hits of the festival 13.19% (12 votes)

One of the flops of the festival 8.79% (8 votes)

More bad than good 7.69% (7 votes)