Suspiria Happening

Damn, I thought this rumour was well and truly dead. It seems David Gordon Green IS going to be shooting the Suspiria remake next year. But is Natalie involved?

Well, if you can recall, there was a lot of smoke over the past year. However, two of the bigger pieces of evidence can now be explained away (she was learning ballet for Black Swan, she met Green to talk about Your Highness) and all along I was told by a source that Natalie was not doing the film.

So, until something changes, I’m going to assume that that is still the case.

It’s hard to imagine Natalie doing 2 ballet horror/thrillers in the space of a few months…although if I spent months working hard on some sweet ballet moves, I’d try and get us much mileage out of that as possible. But I’m a lazy SOB so…