Animal Collective

A couple weeks ago we posted about Noah Lennox having tried to stalk Natalie when she was in college. Noah is a vital cog in the band, Animal Collective, which is the band Natalie went to go see a couple weeks ago. It was only a DJ set though, but it sounds like she had a good time.

Animal Collective did a DJ set with Gold Panda the other week, the same night that Vice threw a warehouse party.

And YES, the Natalie Portman was in attendance with five of her friends, having a proper dance downstairs in front of the DJ booth. I’d heard she might be coming down, and got a nudge from my friend Emy to “QUICK! GO OUTSIDE!” as Miss Portman walked past and out the door. I panicked, jumped outside and tried to act nonchalant as I stared, a little starstruck. I attempted to sniper a photo but didn’t have the paparazzi killer instinct to just snap it.

Noah must been a happy panda indeed, and I’m gonna be picturing Natalie dancing to My Girls for the rest of the day.