One More

We’ve had one negative, two mixed-positive and now Screen Daily’s review can probably be classified as mixed. Full review might be a bit too spoiler-y for some, so here are some excerpts.

A competent ensemble cast lends conviction to what often feels like a relentless wallow in soap opera clichés and there should be some theatrical interest from audiences who respond to unabashed heart-warmers like the recent Away We Go and Roos’ own Sex. Others will find it way too maudlin for their tastes. International prospects are modest for what seems like quintessential American fare.

Cinematographer Steve Yedlin captures the crisp beauty of modern Manhattan, Roos gives his characters the odd witty, bitchy aside and the entire film has a thoroughly professional polish. Unfortunately, however, its emotional insights feel shallow.

A radiant, stick-thin Portman does her best to make us care for a fairly unsympathetic character but it is the supporting performances, particularly from Kudrow and Tahan, that steal the acting honours.