Jerusalem, I Love You

This time next month will see the release of “NY, I Love You”, in which Natalie acts in one and directs another of the shorts that comprise the anthology film. Now the producer has spoken about the future plans of the series and they’re certainly not wasting any time with Jerusalem now being announced as the 5th film in the series.

“Jerusalem” is expected to premiere in early 2012 and by that time “Cities” founder Emmanuel Benbihy will have already taken audiences to Rio (early 2011) and Shanghai (late 2011). The selection of these cities is not haphazard. To explain his cinematic itinerary, Benbihy offered the following: “We picked Paris because it’s nicknamed the city of love. New York is the city of romantic comedies. Rio represents sensual love. Shanghai is the city of exotic love, where love can be bought. Jerusalem represents spiritual love.

With Natalie also having done a short for “Paris, Je T’aime”, and Jerusalem being one of her favourite cities, I can’t imagine her NOT being involved with this one. Can you?

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