LA Times Flips For LOIP

Nice to see another rave for the film. The full review is here but below is the very complimentary passage about Natalie.

It says plenty about the current state of film financing and distribution that a film like this comes to a festival like Toronto looking to be picked up. A few years ago this film would have had no problem finding its way to theaters, but in the current climate, who knows? The performances by Portman and Kudrow, particularly in their few scenes together, seem ready-made as awards-show highlight clips. In his introduction, Roos made mention that Portman came into the role only 10 days before shooting after another actress dropped out. Perhaps she should take all her roles with so little preparation, as she seems to inhabit the part so completely it is difficult to imagine anyone else in it. She doesn’t exhibit the plucky spirit so often asked for of younger actresses, but rather an armored wariness and defensive hostility that is remarkable to encounter. Though the film may at times be less than perfect, Portman gives a startlingly rounded and full-blooded performance. Here’s to hoping more people get the chance to see it.