Meet Up

Over on ohnotheydidnt, someone posted a little story about meeting Natalie. On the prodding of others, he posted the full story, which doesn’t contain much Natalie tidbits but is quite interesting all the same. The initial post is below and after the jump the longer version.

i met her through mutual friends and she actually introduced herself to me as if i had no idea who she was. and she kissed me on the cheek when she said goodbye. super nice girl.

it was the weirdest night ever. ok, lets go back to spring of 2006, nyc:

my nyu friend said somebody he knew was performing at a bar, her name was Stefani and she had a really good voice so we went to see her. (this turned out to be Lady Gaga when she was at NYU).

then my friend’s friend calls (Kal Penn, seriously) and invites us over to the bar he’s at with his friends. I think it was a bar called Dublin in the west side. anyway, i meet kal who is awesome and nice and likes me….it turns out that his ‘friends’ are a portion of the cast and writers of SNL which he neglected to mention on the phone.

so i sat down at the table and hung out with amy pohler, bill hader (and his fiance at the time, Maggie), seth meyers and rachel dratch who left shortly after i got there. then natalie portman shows up and hugs everyone. this was not long after she hosted SNL and did that digital short rap.

i was trying to communicate with my friend about how much i was wigging out, but we both played it cool til we left. we had a private room in the back, they let everyone smoke in there and the waitstaff brought rounds of free shots.

hader kept bumming smokes the entire night and amy convinced me to move to california, which i did.

so there’s my story. 🙂