The Truth About Dating

This column about the ideal Dating Quotient (most desirable characteristics in a partner) is quite interesting. The writer tries to create the perfect female that most guys would be looking for. Natalie is the basis for this but, as he goes on, because she’s famous she would not be as ideal as a Natalie Portman who isn’t famous. Below is a small excerpt but you should really read the whole thing.

Now Natalie is also very intelligent, and, in most of her roles, she plays a bright, down-to-earth woman with a sort of sassy/quirky personality. In fact when interviewing and coaching single and divorced men in recent years, the most common personality trait requested was a playful sense of humor. Men today are looking for women who are fun, interesting and somewhat challenging.

This is a marked change over the past couple of decades. Back in the 1980s, when I started my dating service, men seemed to prefer women with a more traditional, passive female personality.