Emma Watson No Nat?

I found an interesting article from someone who dares to suggest that up and coming style icon, Emma Watson, actually has no sense of style herself. There are several mentions of Natalie but I’m just going to post the one below. Read the full article for the rest.

As a result, brainy though Hermione/Emma (who is said to be about to attend Brown University) may be, she doesn’t seem like the kind of girl you dream about becoming; she seems like the kind of girl you dream about getting on your Scrabble team. And it’s not because she’s underage and so doesn’t speak to older generations – I’ve thought it would be wonderful to look like Natalie Portman ever since the actress starred in Léon (1994) at the age of 12. It’s because there’s something unchallenging about Watson’s essence. Which suggests that fashion may have adopted her not because of her own innate style but because she doesn’t actually have any innate style – though she does have recognisability. They can make of her what they want.