It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about Shoe4Africa, the charity run by Anthony Edwards (ER, Zodiac) and which Natalie has lent support to, including this gorgeous fundraising pic. This new article has an update about Edwards’ plans to run the New York City marathon.

[Edwards] is running to fund the first public children’s hospital in Kenya. Edwards, who is the chairman of the non profit Shoe4Africa, a group that began as a way to get shoes to children who need them and has turned into a non-profit that empowers women, supports a school, and does other good works, hopes to open his hospital in 2010.

The seed money for the project came from Edwards, who in January donated $125,000, his paycheck for a return guest spot in ER in 2008. Steven Spielberg subsequently donated, with other celebs such as Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman signing on as well. Thousands of Kenyan athletes have also contributed to the fund.

To find out more and possibly lend a hand, head over to their site.