Wow, been awhile since we had one of these suckers.

This might just be a rehash of the old story, but if not, Lindsay Lohan still seems to think Natalie is helping her through her breakup with Samantha Ronson.

– One celeb who I wish Natalie WAS friends with, is Kristen Stewart. Last year we posted a brief clip in which Kristen spoke about seeing Natalie for the first time, and that’s when it became clear that she’s such a fangirl when it comes to Natalie. Really adorable. I’m posting it again because prior to that answer there was another mention of Natalie, in a comment about how she hopes she won’t just become “that Twilight girl”.

The whole interview is great though. I love how she’s just so down to earth and isn’t prepared to fake smile her way to the top.

– Project Runway Season 4 winner, Christian Siriano, would love to design for Natalie.