Cliffy Loves Nat

Clifton Collins Jnr. is nabbing a lot of supporting roles of late – he seems to be in every other movie I watch. In any case, he has a supporting role in Brothers, and had some really nice things to say about the film, Natalie (not for the first time), Jim Sheridan and…well, pretty much everyone. Seems like a genuinely nice guy.

But working with Jim, I just wanted to collaborate with him and work with him and that’s what he does. He’s a big collaborator and he’s all about the truth, and the truth of the scene and the honesty in it. Working with Toby (Maguire), he’s an old friend and (Jake) Gyllenhaal, who I got to know during the Brokeback and Capote days, you know with doing the Oscar circuits and stuff. That, Sam Shepard and Natalie Portman, who I’ve had a crush on for I don’t know how long. She’s beautiful and talented and smart and really precious, truth be told. She’s a special girl and it was a dream job. It was hard, emotionally, in a lot of different ways. Brad Renfro passed and I thought about Heath (Ledger) passing, literally minutes before they shot my big close-up when I’m debriefing Toby. It was a tough thing just to keep it together and try to act and to have all this new dialogue that Jim, Toby and myself came up with. But I have high hopes for it. It’s an incredible script…

He also talks a bit about the films possible Oscar prospects.