Josh Hutcherson Joins The Line

Josh Hutcherson is best known for kids films like Zathura, but now stars in the upcoming Vampires Assistant, which is apparently not as awful as it sounds. In this new interview he joins the litany of celebs who have name dropped Natalie.

TeenHollywood: What actress would you kill to be in a film with?Josh Hutcherson as Sean in “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” | New Line Cinema

Josh: (no hesitation whatsoever) Natalie Portman! She’s beautiful and she’s just got the whole package. She’s gorgeous and a truly talented actress and she’s a super Harvard grad.

TeenHollywood: Ah, the beauty and smarts combo! What would you most like to do on a first date?

Josh: I’m a big fan of the beach. I think going to the beach is a great first date. It really can show you if the person is fun or not. Going to movie is fun but you don’t get to talk to the person and get to know them. I’m into fun people and that’s a good place to have fun with somebody.