Brothers Review

Gyllenbabble let me know that there is a new review of Brothers up over here. It’s not technically “professional” but is nicely done all the same. It’s the definition of a mixed review – really loves some aspects while thinking they drop the ball in others.

To start, let me point out that Macguire and Portman look out-of-place. Initially, I found it difficult to imagine ’Spiderman’ and ‘Queen Amidala’ in such a different context. Macguire does not look like the typified US Marine/father, and Portman looks as youthful as ever. However, this never detracts from their performances. The roles they fill are difficult, emotionally charged, and complex, but this is probably why they chose Portman and Macguire in the first place. Still, the best performance is clearly from Gyllenhaal, who seamlessly portrays the cautious yet fun-loving Uncle of Portman’s daughters.

More reviews should be on the way in the coming weeks.