Celeb Gushing Tidbits

Some really nice mini updates today, all of which are about celebrities mentioning Natalie.

– Starting with a mention from the gorgeous Morena Baccarin (best known from the fantastic Firefly) who was Natalie’s understudy during The Seagull’s run.

On working with Portman, Baccarin recalled, “We chatted some. She’s a very, very nice, very smart girl. She’s got a great heart. She’s a foster mom for dogs before they get adopted, so sometimes I would baby-sit the dogs while she was on stage.”

– Next up is young actress, Ariel Winter, from a show I’ve never heard of – Modern Family. She just mentions Natalie as being an actor she looks up to.

– Finally, Hollyoaks actress, Claire Cooper, dropped this little tidbit.

I don’t have a style icon but I thoroughly appreciate old-Hollywood glamour. People like Natalie Portman, Megan Fox and Charlize Theron go for that look and are gorgeous. I’d love to be that polished, but I’m quite bohemian.