That Headline Is Familiar

The Envelope’s Pete Hammond, an “expert” in the Oscar prognostication field, has a new column up about Brothers.

He has a few comments that are reasonably encouraging, but I would still suggest reading the whole column if you have time.

Here are some key comments:

Sheridan received a tremendous ovation Sunday afternoon when he was introduced for a Q&A after a very well-received Directors Guild of America screening.

Due to his strong performance, Maguire’s name undoubtedly will start popping up on Best Actor lists. Oddly, Sheridan says Maguire was doubtful of his own acting in this role, though he remained dedicated to the film’s message. Portman is good as well, and 10-year-old Bailee Madison, as their young daughter, Isabelle, is remarkable in every way, one of the most natural and effective child performances in a long while.

With Oscar watchers concentrating on catching the more highly anticipated, but still largely unseen December releases, “Invictus,” “Nine,” “Lovely Bones,” “It’s Complicated” and “Avatar,” could “Brothers” come out of nowhere and join the hunt too?

I wouldn’t underestimate the Academy’s respect for Sheridan, and if Lionsgate can gain any traction for this tough little movie, it could surprise.